Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement

Go home safe and help others do the same.

Emotional intelligence for law enforcement can be a game changer. During the course of a day, law enforcement officers can be faced with any number of challenging situations. From the domestic situations, to psych disorders to more violent confrontations. In the course of exercising the duty to protect and serve, every officer is focused on going home safely at the end of his/or shift. 

Research has demonstrated, emotional intelligence is a tool that can help law enforcement meet this goal. The focus on raising officer awareness, extending empathy, understanding self-actions and reactions (especially during times of stress) and managing relationships can all be enhanced by incorporating emotional intelligence into hiring, training and performance management activities.

Rhonda Y. Williams

Essential Emotional Intelligence Components


The culture in your department begins at the time of hiring. Ensure your human resources department has the tools and resources to incorporate emotional intelligence into selecting the right recruit by deepening the understanding of who each recruit is and gaining a better understanding of how they are likely to respond, situationally.


Does your training include the essential concepts that help officers make effective decisions in the moment? Is there an opportunity to enhance the training your team receives ongoing to ensure emotional intelligence competencies are introduce and reinforced in the academy and ongoing annual training?

Performance Management

Research shows feedback and coaching are far more effective than training alone. When it is time to share feedback, are you confident you have tools and resources to not just share expectations but also to help the team to take ownership of their professional, ongoing development? Emotional intelligence based coaching can help drive improvement and accountability.


The best feedback is specific feedback. Using an emotional intelligence assessment can support your ability to share feedback that is better received and more results-focused. What are your team's emotional intelligence strengths? Where are the opportunities? This invaluable data allows you to leverage the strengths of your team while continuously challenging them to grow.

Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement

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