The Stress Free Leader - Edna Howard

Show Quote: “In fact, the confidence of the people is worth more than money” Carter G. Woodson

In this episode, we explore confidence and in particular, why it can be so challenging for women leaders. Edna Howard joins us for the conversation. She shares how she executed her strategy of “see a need, fill a need” and how it led to the launch of her platform designed to uplift and empower women through Voices of Encouragement.

Here is a question for you. Are you living in the past, present or future? Return to this question as you listed to the discussion. Often when we dive into the topic of confidence for women and confidence for women leaders, a familiar theme emerges. Can you hear it? Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why women often have a lack of self-confidence
  • The role your past plays in your confidence level
  • How confidence holds women back
  • Are you living in a program? In the matrix?
  • Strategies women can use to increase their confidence
  • Strategies the confident woman can use to reduce stress
  • Stress factors women and leaders are dealing with today
  • And more!

About Edna:

Edna is a Parallel-Preneur. By day, she is a Strategic Information Management Consultant and by night,  she manages Voices of Encouragement, LLC., and ICE Coaching & Consulting, organizations designed
to empower women.

She brings 20+ years of IT experience and has worked at companies in multiple IT roles. In addition, to her IT career, her entrepreneur spirit led her to pursue managing and operating her own successful business in the Health and Beauty Industry as a Sr. Sales Director, Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and Trainer.  She has a passion for empowering and motivating women to pursue their goals. She is the founder and board member of Voices of Encouragement, LLC, an organization designed to empower women. She is a certified Goals Success Life Coach as well as a certified Professional Workshop Facilitator.

Connect with Edna:

About Rhonda:

Rhonda Y. Williams is a former Chief Nursing Officer and hospital CEO. With 20+ years of leadership experience, Rhonda has personally experienced the joys and the stress. Today, Rhonda is an emotional intelligence strategist, and she is known as The Stress-Free Leader. Rhonda coaches’ leaders who are ready to STOP THE MADNESS and reconnect with the joyful, purposeful part of leading. She also works directly with teams who are ready to explore the organizational and bottom-line benefits of creating a stress-free culture. Additionally, she is the host of The Coffee with Rhonda Show.

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