In this episode, you’ll get a brief glimpse into the Stress-Free Leader Podcast show. The show is designed to help you unlock your leadership superpowers by sharing experiences, tools and resources that will foster the leadership skills that position you for stress-free leading.

Are you:

  • Ready to stop saying yes when you already have too much on your plate and gain the confidence to say NO?
  • Ready to stop answering texts after business hours and start honoring your personal time?
  • Ready to become a master of the art of influencing your team all the way to success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

On the show, we will have an opportunity to share to other the experiences of leaders who are also walking their success journey and provide concrete, actionable strategies to help you blaze the trail ahead. So, stay tuned and get ready to be inspired and learn to lead, live and love stress-free.

About Rhonda:

Rhonda Y. Williams is a former Chief Nursing Officer and hospital CEO. With 20+ years of leadership experience, Rhonda has personally experienced the joys and the stress. Today, Rhonda is an emotional intelligence strategist and she is known as The Stress-Free Leader. Rhonda coaches’ leaders who are ready to STOP THE MADNESS and reconnect with the joyful, purposeful part of leading. She also works directly with teams who are ready to explore the organizational and bottom-line benefits of creating a stress-free culture. Additionally, she is the host of The Coffee with Rhonda Show.

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